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2017-03-03 03:32 pm

[DOWNLOAD] 超特急 (Choutokkyuu) - BULLET TRAIN LIVE TOUR 2016 Synchronism

Ok this is my first time to upload and sharing video

the Blu-ray of Choutokkyuu BULLET TRAIN LIVE TOUR 2016 Synchronism already release last month and the video already upload and you can watch it for free on tudou

but if you want to save the video it's kind of hard to download and has to be divided into parts, so i tried to merge and convert the video here

please comment if taking

the making video, gonna upload if there is request

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2016-04-12 07:49 pm

saisho no tokei~ <3

love this song >,<

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2016-03-21 12:46 am


new here! :3

Fiya desu!
i' m a fangirl with super multi fandom.
my heart stuck between Johnny's and EBiDAN talent :>
my most favorite group's is: Hey! Say!! JUMP, DISH//, and Choutokkyuu (Bullet Train)
My bias is Yabu Kota(ultimate 1st) and Kusakawa Takuya (1st, not ultimate yet)

i also love japan anime, manga, drama, and music :3